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Good Deals, Fair Prices. Great Values Magnet Sheets
Magnet Crosses. Cross symbols for Hope, Peace, Love, Joy, Sunshine of the Spirit, Celtic Cross, DeColores, Ribbons and Bows Cross, Hands of Hope, My Hearts Soars Cross, Allaluia Cross, Angel Symbols, Butterfly and ribbons.. 9 Colors

Magnet Cross
Precision Die Cut
10 Patterns
9 Colors
8x12 Sheets



 Cross Sheets $8.88

Magnet Cross Sheets. 4 Die Cut Celtic Crosses and 1 Angel. 4pcs Sheet Magnet Christian Crosses & Angel - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Alleluia Magnet Cross. 4 6" Magnet Crosses on 1 sheet.  4pcs Sheet Alleluia Magnet Cross - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Dove Magnet Cross. Die Cut Magnets. 7 Doves on each cross. 4pcs Sheet 7 Doves Magnet Cross & Angel - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Magnet De Colores. 4 Die Cut Symbols.  3pcs Sheet De Colores Magnet Symbol - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Die Cut Magnet Crosses. Ribbon and Bows with Angels 4pcs Sheet Ribbons & Bows Magnet Cross & Angel - $8.88
- Pick Color -
8x12 Magnet Cross Sheet. 3 Free Spirit Cross and 3 Angels. 3pcs Sheet Free Spirit Magnet Cross & Angels - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Hope Magnet Cross. Hands holding Breast Cancer Ribbon and Butterfly. 4pcs Sheet Hope Magnet Crosses & Angels - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Sheet of Magnet Crosses. 4 My Heart Soars and 1 Angel. 4pcs Sheet Soaring Hearts Magnet Cross - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Joy, Peace, Love, and Hope Cross. Die Cut Magnet Cross. 4pcs Sheet Joy, Peace, Love, Magnet Cross - $8.88
- Pick Color -
Green Vine Magnet Cross. 8x12 inch Die Cut Magnet Cross Sheet. 4pcs Sheet Celtic Magnet Cross - $8.88
- Pick Color -
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